Feline Coronavirus – Things You Should Do or Avoid

Fighting The Evil: COVID-19

In December 2019, news came from China that a virus named Coronavirus has spread in Wuhan and it is quite similar to SARs. It was also said that the virus is causing the people to have severe respiratory insufficiency and thus causing them to die. Many doctors asked the government to take preventive measures against it to prevent the citizens but their advice went unheard. Towards the starting of 2020, the virus spread an outbreak in the city of Wuhan, China and many people lost their lives.

Then it spread like a pandemic in the whole of China and most of the population got bed-ridden and ICUs had to be evacuated for the Coronavirus affected people. Till then it was only limited to China however slowly and steadily it passed onto people and more people and spread to the nearby countries due to emigration.

coronavirus diagnosis and treatment

The nearby countries began to stop flights from China however the world could not protect itself from being infected with Coronavirus. Due to the extensive movement of people all over the world, the virus has spread in about 192 countries.

Most of the countries are trying to control the situation through the entire shutdown for example India has been locked down and a curfew has begun here. People are still not paying the due seriousness towards this deadly virus. Many people looking for coronavirus testing kit near me we suggest you can call expert they will come to your home for corona test. Else you can use these corona virus test kit to check for safety of human lives.

They are not ready to stay at home and thus the situation is only worsening. The people should read the news that is 100% true and guaranteed by the reliable sites like WHO. Any kind of rumours must be avoided. We must be aware of the symptoms of this disease.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms might take adverse forms from a simple form, for example, it might start from normal cough, cold and fever in the beginning but it might worsen to untreated cough, cold and high-grade fever accompanied by shortness of breath leading to respiratory insufficiency and ultimately respiratory collapse.

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Thus even if you suspect that the symptoms are similar to seasonal flu, you must get checked from a doctor. Coronavirus symptoms treatment is an essential thing and is carried by the licensed hospitals after the people test positive for the virus.

The drugs for the treatment of Coronavirus infection are a combination of antiretroviral drugs used in the SARS virus, swine flu, and HIV AIDS. These drugs are quite costly as well as have a lot of side effects and that is why it is important to understand that prevention is better than cure at this stage.

There are certain guidelines that have been given under Coronavirus treatment guidelines and it is important that the people know and pay heed to them.

  • The people must know that currently there is no vaccine to prevent the COVID-19 disease
  • The best way to prevent this disease from happening to you is by not being exposed to it
  • The disease mainly spreads by making close contact with a positive person for example when two persons are in close contact like within 6ft distance and through respiratory droplets when the infected person coughs or sneezes
  • The person who inhales these droplets is most likely to be affected by the virus

Here Are Certain Steps That Can Be Taken To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water after you have come from outside or after blowing nose, sneezing or coughing
  • If soap is not available then use a hand sanitizer and follow all the steps of hand hygiene
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Follow the norm of social distancing
  • Anyone who has come from outside must keep himself in self-quarantine and get tested for Coronavirus
  • If people protect themselves then only they will be able to protect others also
  • Stay indoors and follow what the government says in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Although there has been certain news that the Coronavirus can spread from cats and dogs but WHO has recently made sure that it cannot spread to and from pets and therefore people must not abandon them. Treatment for canine Coronavirus is hence not needed because the evidences of its spread are not there.

Moreover, there are two strains of Coronavirus that have been identified. One of them is 229e Coronavirus. So the Coronavirus 229e treatment is similar as mentioned above. Antiretroviral drugs are being given to the people who are testing positive for the disease.

However, people must know that the drugs are quite strong and it is better that they don’t get to use them and don’t catch the disease only. For that, it is important that they don’t come in contact with any positive person and don’t get the virus. It is very important to stay indoors and take care of your health in order to protect yourself from Coronavirus.

WHO has declared it as a pandemic and it is likely that any person can be infected by it. The disease is quite prevalent in almost every country of the world and so the governments have locked down their respective countries.

It is important that people heed their advice and stay in their homes. Moreover, it is very important that the individuals follow the norms of hand hygiene and do not touch the face, eyes or mouth with dirty hands. It is important to stay safe at the time of this pandemic and to stay indoors. If people wish to save other people of their country then it is important that they listen to the advice of the government and the medical fraternity.

The medical fraternity is working very hard to save people from dying of this deadly disease and so is the responsibility of the citizens to help their doctors and nurses in lessening the burden in this crisis-like situation. So take care of yourself and stay indoors.

Coronavirus Infection – Symptoms, Risk, Prevention & Treatment [You Should Know]

People Fighting Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a deadly pandemic. So many nations have been affected by it and are running their fight against it. Coronavirus began an outbreak in Wuhan, China and now has spread to over 192 nations of the world. Every 10 min 1 deaths are being reported from all over the world. Even the most advanced nations have accepted their defeat in controlling the spread of Coronavirus and medical fraternity is at stake for controlling this.

There is a lack of medical staff at the front. One isolation bed for 80,000 people and one doctor for 11,000 people. It is hightime that the people start taking the disease seriously and stay indoors. Certain guidelines must be followed like staying at home, washing hands, using the sanitizer and not touching the face with infected hands.

Though there has been enough awareness regarding the early and late symptoms of Coronavirus yet there is a circulation fake message all over on social media and the people must rely on the information of the reliable sources.

Coronavirus Symptoms

What Are The Symptoms Of Coronavirus Disease?

In order to know what the symptoms of Coronavirus disease are, the people must rely only on the trustworthy sources. The early symptoms of Coronavirus are as follows:

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Tiredness

However if ignored, these symptoms may turn worse and following might begin to appear:

  • Increased cough and cold
  • High-grade fever
  • Lethargy
  • Shortness of breath

Once the person is unable to breathe, he might have to be ventilated and kept in isolation in ICU therefore it is a must that the early signs although non-threatening must not be ignored. The individuals should visit the doctor when the early signs appear so that it can be made out whether the cold and cough are seasonal or due to Coronavirus. Also the earlier it gets diagnosed, the early and promptly it can be managed.

There are many myths among people that Coronavirus is only fatal and no cure is possible however there is a ray of hope even after the person is tested positive for Coronavirus. Besides the fact that so many deaths are happening due to Coronavirus, the cure is possible if screened and treated early. So what happens when you get the Coronavirus disease?

how to stop covid 19 spread in community

What happens when you get the Coronavirus disease?

The answer to this is simple; if the person is young like in the age group of 18- 35 years of age, he is likely to have better immunity than the other age groups and also less/ no co morbidities like hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, etc. therefore the people who are positive in this age group have a better chance of recovering if screened and referred to treatment early.

But if the person tested positive is old like above 60 years of age or a child then it is likely that they have a lower immunity thus helping the virus to replicate at a faster rate inside their body. Moreover the elderly have other co morbidities like hypertension, diabetes, other cardiovascular problems. It is advisable if your are sick with above some symptoms, don’t take it lightly. You can go for coronavirus test kit to check if it is simple cough and cold or something wrong. Be carefull and be safe.

This makes their body weak and further weak to tolerate the Coronavirus treatment, so in this case, there is a higher chance for them to not survive, however, they are only bound to die if tested positive is not at all true.

when you get the Coronavirus disease

That is why the governments are reinforcing that all the people irrespective of any age group must stay indoors and not disrupt the fight against corona.

What is the recovery time for the Coronavirus disease?

Among all the questions rising against Coronavirus, one of the most important questions is that if the people test positive for corona then what is the recovery time for the Coronavirus disease? The answer to it may depend. Depending on the fact when the person was confirmed positive, at what stage and what symptoms he had then and at what time the treatment was initiated, the recovery period depends.

For example, if the person was detected positive in an early stage and the treatment also began promptly then there are less chances for the disease to stay upto months. The person might only recover in certain weeks. However, if the person is at the last stage like on mechanical ventilation and has other co morbidities then the recovery period might last for several months.

These are the varying connotations in Coronavirus. The recovery period is not a fixed time for everyone but it depends on the person who was confirmed positive for the disease.

Who Is The Most At Risk For Coronavirus Disease?

EVERYONE. This mustn’t be ignored, just because we are young and strong does not mean that we are not prone to the disease. Everyone is prone to get the disease and hence they must follow the advice of staying indoors all through this while. The proneness to disease also depends upon several factors like age, immunity and co morbidities and profession.

Risk For Coronavirus Disease

The people who are covered in essential services like the doctors, nurses and other health care workers are the most prone to catch this disease. Since they spend most of their time working with sick patients and taking care of them, they are most likely to catch the infection.

So they should take maximum care of themselves. Next, the immediate family members of the person who has been tested positive are prone to catch the disease depending upon the time and duration when they made their last contact with the positive person. Moreover the elderly and the children are at risk. The elderly must take special care of themselves as they already have other diseases which make them prone to catch the Coronavirus.

Plenty of information is being generated on Coronavirus by the authentic websites and it should be trusted and followed. People ought to take care of themselves in this panicky situation and they must understand that staying indoors is the best they can do to save their nation and their people. We must realise our effort towards not putting the burden on the health care fraternity by not spreading the disease further.

Coronavirus Test Kit – Ensure common cold or COVID-19 at Home?

COVID-19 The Deadly Virus

No person had imagined that the dawn of 2020 would be so dark. A virus named Coronavirus also termed as COVID-19 spread in Wuhan, China from where it spread to over 192 countries all over the world. It is worse than the worst nightmare. People are dying and we stand helpless.

It is a worldwide emergency and almost every country has kneeled in front of it. In the beginning, it had only spread to one place in China when the governments didn’t heed to the advice of the doctors and did not lockdown the country and now it has spread all over the world and the governments are compelled to take serious action against the social gathering.

feline Coronavirus

In today’s high tech world where people cannot stay a minute without talking or discussing things with each other may be in social gatherings or professional, the government was forced to put a ban on them in order to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

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Latest on feline Coronavirus

Since the declaration of Coronavirus as a pandemic which means the spread of disease through continents all over the world, the countries have been locked down.

A person who shows even minor symptoms of Coronavirus like cough, cold, fever are being kept under surveillance and Coronavirus test is being done for them. Coronavirus test kit has also been made available to the Primary healthcare centres in order to promote early testing and screening of the virus.

Even on the airports,’ thermal checks are being done and the suspected people are being isolated. Despite the efforts made by the government and the strict actions being taken, the people aren’t ready to listen to officials and they are doing social gatherings.

Coronavirus home test Kit

Other than this Coronavirus test procedure has also been simpler. First, they ask the individuals some specific questions like the occurrence of cold, cough and fever and its duration and if the person is suspected then samples are sent to the virology department and reports are generated.

The government and the medical professionals try to generate the results of the virus as soon as possible and currently the Coronavirus test results are available within 24 hours of the test done.



The cost of Coronavirus testing is different in each and every country. In India however, the cost of Coronavirus test as permitted by the government to the laboratories is 4500 INR.

how coronavirus test kits works

The Coronavirus tests are being done in the nearby hospitals and there is no recent evidence regarding the reliability of Coronavirus home test. so, it is an appeal to the citizens not to trust the homemade kits and go to the hospitals for confirmation

Coronavirus treatment guidelines

WHO has stated certain guidelines for the treatment and management of COVID-19. The critical preparedness, readiness and response actions are being taken in order to appropriately manage the entire situation. Four transmission scenarios have been identified:

  • Countries with zero cases
  • Countries with one or more cases either imported or locally detected
  • Countries experiencing cases clusters in time, particular geographic location or common exposure
  • Countries which are experiencing larger outbreaks of local transmission

The Preparations And Response Plan Aim To:

  • Slow down and ultimately stop the transmission to prevent the outbreaks and delay the spread
  • Providing optimized care for the sick patients especially those who are seriously ill
  • Minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the health care delivery system, social services and on the economic activity

There are investigations being done for the identification of the COVID-19 positive cases and the following are being followed for early investigations:

  • The first few COVID-19 cases and contacts transmission investigation protocol for the cases and their close contacts in the general people or which are restricted to close settings like households, health care settings and schools
  • Household transmission of COVID-19 investigation protocol for the cases and their close contacts in the household settings
  • Assessment of COVID-19 risk factors among the healthcare workers protocol for all the healthcare workers in a healthcare setting wherein a confirmed case has been received
  • Population-based age-stratified seroepidemiological investigation protocol for COVID-19 for virus infection in the general population
  • Surface sampling of COVID-19 virus for the environmental surfaces

For the treatment of Coronavirus infection, a combination of drugs used in HIV AIDS and swine flu and SARS virus is being given. These drugs are the antiretrovirals and they are generally used in the treatment of the virus infections. These drugs are quite strong and so are their side effects.


Therefore these drugs are only given under the physician’s prescription. For the Coronavirus symptoms treatment, the same drug regimen is being followed but in case the symptoms are mild then the person is being kept under isolation and is put on steroids.

In case the person is not confirmed and only suspected normal anti histaminics and NSAID’s are being given to treat the seasonal infections.

Earlier there was certain news that the infection is being spread from cats and dogs also but according to the latest guidelines there is no evidence of feline Coronavirus spread and hence there is no need for treatment of canine Coronavirus.

229e is just a strain of Coronavirus that is responsible for causing Coronavirus in a large number of human species. The Coronavirus 229e treatment is the same as the above. The treatments being given for the strains are the same.

Covid 19 Prevention Tips

Coronavirus is a worldwide emergency and many people are not as serious about it as they should be. Although there is no need to create a panic but the situation is quite serious and the people must follow the rules and regulations made by the governments for them.

Lockdown is the most important strategy here that can play a crucial role in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. It is important to stay at home, do proper handwashing, eat a healthy and nutritious meal, not to touch the face with infected hands and use the sanitizer.

These are some of the important things that can help us to remain safe to catching this fatal disease.

Educate yourself as mush as possible, for more information about corona virus visit here.