Coronavirus Infection – Symptoms, Risk, Prevention & Treatment [You Should Know]

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People Fighting Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a deadly pandemic. So many nations have been affected by it and are running their fight against it. Coronavirus began an outbreak in Wuhan, China and now has spread to over 192 nations of the world. Every 10 min 1 deaths are being reported from all over the world. Even the most advanced nations have accepted their defeat in controlling the spread of Coronavirus and medical fraternity is at stake for controlling this.

There is a lack of medical staff at the front. One isolation bed for 80,000 people and one doctor for 11,000 people. It is hightime that the people start taking the disease seriously and stay indoors. Certain guidelines must be followed like staying at home, washing hands, using the sanitizer and not touching the face with infected hands.

Though there has been enough awareness regarding the early and late symptoms of Coronavirus yet there is a circulation fake message all over on social media and the people must rely on the information of the reliable sources.

Coronavirus Symptoms

What Are The Symptoms Of Coronavirus Disease?

In order to know what the symptoms of Coronavirus disease are, the people must rely only on the trustworthy sources. The early symptoms of Coronavirus are as follows:

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Tiredness

However if ignored, these symptoms may turn worse and following might begin to appear:

  • Increased cough and cold
  • High-grade fever
  • Lethargy
  • Shortness of breath

Once the person is unable to breathe, he might have to be ventilated and kept in isolation in ICU therefore it is a must that the early signs although non-threatening must not be ignored. The individuals should visit the doctor when the early signs appear so that it can be made out whether the cold and cough are seasonal or due to Coronavirus. Also the earlier it gets diagnosed, the early and promptly it can be managed.

There are many myths among people that Coronavirus is only fatal and no cure is possible however there is a ray of hope even after the person is tested positive for Coronavirus. Besides the fact that so many deaths are happening due to Coronavirus, the cure is possible if screened and treated early. So what happens when you get the Coronavirus disease?

how to stop covid 19 spread in community

What happens when you get the Coronavirus disease?

The answer to this is simple; if the person is young like in the age group of 18- 35 years of age, he is likely to have better immunity than the other age groups and also less/ no co morbidities like hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, etc. therefore the people who are positive in this age group have a better chance of recovering if screened and referred to treatment early.

But if the person tested positive is old like above 60 years of age or a child then it is likely that they have a lower immunity thus helping the virus to replicate at a faster rate inside their body. Moreover the elderly have other co morbidities like hypertension, diabetes, other cardiovascular problems. It is advisable if your are sick with above some symptoms, don’t take it lightly. You can go for coronavirus test kit to check if it is simple cough and cold or something wrong. Be carefull and be safe.

This makes their body weak and further weak to tolerate the Coronavirus treatment, so in this case, there is a higher chance for them to not survive, however, they are only bound to die if tested positive is not at all true.

when you get the Coronavirus disease

That is why the governments are reinforcing that all the people irrespective of any age group must stay indoors and not disrupt the fight against corona.

What is the recovery time for the Coronavirus disease?

Among all the questions rising against Coronavirus, one of the most important questions is that if the people test positive for corona then what is the recovery time for the Coronavirus disease? The answer to it may depend. Depending on the fact when the person was confirmed positive, at what stage and what symptoms he had then and at what time the treatment was initiated, the recovery period depends.

For example, if the person was detected positive in an early stage and the treatment also began promptly then there are less chances for the disease to stay upto months. The person might only recover in certain weeks. However, if the person is at the last stage like on mechanical ventilation and has other co morbidities then the recovery period might last for several months.

These are the varying connotations in Coronavirus. The recovery period is not a fixed time for everyone but it depends on the person who was confirmed positive for the disease.

Who Is The Most At Risk For Coronavirus Disease?

EVERYONE. This mustn’t be ignored, just because we are young and strong does not mean that we are not prone to the disease. Everyone is prone to get the disease and hence they must follow the advice of staying indoors all through this while. The proneness to disease also depends upon several factors like age, immunity and co morbidities and profession.

Risk For Coronavirus Disease

The people who are covered in essential services like the doctors, nurses and other health care workers are the most prone to catch this disease. Since they spend most of their time working with sick patients and taking care of them, they are most likely to catch the infection.

So they should take maximum care of themselves. Next, the immediate family members of the person who has been tested positive are prone to catch the disease depending upon the time and duration when they made their last contact with the positive person. Moreover the elderly and the children are at risk. The elderly must take special care of themselves as they already have other diseases which make them prone to catch the Coronavirus.

Plenty of information is being generated on Coronavirus by the authentic websites and it should be trusted and followed. People ought to take care of themselves in this panicky situation and they must understand that staying indoors is the best they can do to save their nation and their people. We must realise our effort towards not putting the burden on the health care fraternity by not spreading the disease further.

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