Coronavirus Test Kit – Ensure common cold or COVID-19 at Home?

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COVID-19 The Deadly Virus

No person had imagined that the dawn of 2020 would be so dark. A virus named Coronavirus also termed as COVID-19 spread in Wuhan, China from where it spread to over 192 countries all over the world. It is worse than the worst nightmare. People are dying and we stand helpless.

It is a worldwide emergency and almost every country has kneeled in front of it. In the beginning, it had only spread to one place in China when the governments didn’t heed to the advice of the doctors and did not lockdown the country and now it has spread all over the world and the governments are compelled to take serious action against the social gathering.

feline Coronavirus

In today’s high tech world where people cannot stay a minute without talking or discussing things with each other may be in social gatherings or professional, the government was forced to put a ban on them in order to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

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Latest on feline Coronavirus

Since the declaration of Coronavirus as a pandemic which means the spread of disease through continents all over the world, the countries have been locked down.

A person who shows even minor symptoms of Coronavirus like cough, cold, fever are being kept under surveillance and Coronavirus test is being done for them. Coronavirus test kit has also been made available to the Primary healthcare centres in order to promote early testing and screening of the virus.

Even on the airports,’ thermal checks are being done and the suspected people are being isolated. Despite the efforts made by the government and the strict actions being taken, the people aren’t ready to listen to officials and they are doing social gatherings.

Coronavirus home test Kit

Other than this Coronavirus test procedure has also been simpler. First, they ask the individuals some specific questions like the occurrence of cold, cough and fever and its duration and if the person is suspected then samples are sent to the virology department and reports are generated.

The government and the medical professionals try to generate the results of the virus as soon as possible and currently the Coronavirus test results are available within 24 hours of the test done.



The cost of Coronavirus testing is different in each and every country. In India however, the cost of Coronavirus test as permitted by the government to the laboratories is 4500 INR.

how coronavirus test kits works

The Coronavirus tests are being done in the nearby hospitals and there is no recent evidence regarding the reliability of Coronavirus home test. so, it is an appeal to the citizens not to trust the homemade kits and go to the hospitals for confirmation

Coronavirus treatment guidelines

WHO has stated certain guidelines for the treatment and management of COVID-19. The critical preparedness, readiness and response actions are being taken in order to appropriately manage the entire situation. Four transmission scenarios have been identified:

  • Countries with zero cases
  • Countries with one or more cases either imported or locally detected
  • Countries experiencing cases clusters in time, particular geographic location or common exposure
  • Countries which are experiencing larger outbreaks of local transmission

The Preparations And Response Plan Aim To:

  • Slow down and ultimately stop the transmission to prevent the outbreaks and delay the spread
  • Providing optimized care for the sick patients especially those who are seriously ill
  • Minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the health care delivery system, social services and on the economic activity

There are investigations being done for the identification of the COVID-19 positive cases and the following are being followed for early investigations:

  • The first few COVID-19 cases and contacts transmission investigation protocol for the cases and their close contacts in the general people or which are restricted to close settings like households, health care settings and schools
  • Household transmission of COVID-19 investigation protocol for the cases and their close contacts in the household settings
  • Assessment of COVID-19 risk factors among the healthcare workers protocol for all the healthcare workers in a healthcare setting wherein a confirmed case has been received
  • Population-based age-stratified seroepidemiological investigation protocol for COVID-19 for virus infection in the general population
  • Surface sampling of COVID-19 virus for the environmental surfaces

For the treatment of Coronavirus infection, a combination of drugs used in HIV AIDS and swine flu and SARS virus is being given. These drugs are the antiretrovirals and they are generally used in the treatment of the virus infections. These drugs are quite strong and so are their side effects.


Therefore these drugs are only given under the physician’s prescription. For the Coronavirus symptoms treatment, the same drug regimen is being followed but in case the symptoms are mild then the person is being kept under isolation and is put on steroids.

In case the person is not confirmed and only suspected normal anti histaminics and NSAID’s are being given to treat the seasonal infections.

Earlier there was certain news that the infection is being spread from cats and dogs also but according to the latest guidelines there is no evidence of feline Coronavirus spread and hence there is no need for treatment of canine Coronavirus.

229e is just a strain of Coronavirus that is responsible for causing Coronavirus in a large number of human species. The Coronavirus 229e treatment is the same as the above. The treatments being given for the strains are the same.

Covid 19 Prevention Tips

Coronavirus is a worldwide emergency and many people are not as serious about it as they should be. Although there is no need to create a panic but the situation is quite serious and the people must follow the rules and regulations made by the governments for them.

Lockdown is the most important strategy here that can play a crucial role in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. It is important to stay at home, do proper handwashing, eat a healthy and nutritious meal, not to touch the face with infected hands and use the sanitizer.

These are some of the important things that can help us to remain safe to catching this fatal disease.

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